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Vulvar Skin Care Advice
There are many products we apply to or around the vulva that can irritate the skin and nerves, contributing to irritation and pain. Below are some helpful tips to keep your vulva well cared for.

1. Stop all uses of soaps/creams (unless prescribed) on the vulva
ex: NO Vagisil, soap, Dettol, scented products
2. Limit tight clothing ex: tights, pantyhose
3. No scented laundry detergents or detergents with dyes
4. Limit biking or pools for exercise during a flare up
5. No coloured or perfumed toilet paper, wipes
6. No underwear, no pads at night (unless you experience leakage while you sleep)
Let your vulva breathe!
7. Use Propylene Glycol free lubricants (ex: Sliquid H20, Slippery Stuff)
8. Do not use Always pads as incontinence pads. Use pads specifically designed to absorb urine
9. Choose a menstrual pad that does not contain chemicals ex: Natracare, Knix re-usable underwear
10. Change pads frequently
11. Wear cotton underwear (if wearing underwear is painful choose a brand with no elastic)
12. Get a good night’s sleep
13. Practice relaxation
14. Ice/heat to perineum as needed
15. Wash the area with water only and pat dry (drying skin is important because irritation is increased by constant moisture)
16. Stretch after exercising
17. Exercise (look up “23 ½ hours” on YouTube)
18. Manage stress
19. Drink plenty of water
20. Wipe front to back
21. Urinate after intercourse
22. Shower rather than taking a bath

©Lynn Sweeney, Physiotherapist

Bsc. Kin, MPT

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