Postpartum5 Tips for Healing Postpartum

  1. Deep breathing whenever you can, wherever you can
    ex: -While breastfeeding
          -Lying on your back on the floor with knees bent while baby does tummy time next to you
          - Do 5-10 breaths before getting up off the toilet
  2. Breathe out with tasks, no breath holding
    ex: Lifting the carseat
          Picking up and putting down baby in the bassinet
          Switching baby from one breast to another during feedings
          Getting out of bed/bath
          Getting up from floor/toilet/sofa/car
  3. Rest
    - Utilize the help you have and do not be afraid to delegate
    - Enjoy the baby cuddles, skin to skin contact is so important and every week baby will grow and change. Everything else can wait.
  4. Walk
    - Initially this might be from your bedroom to the living room and just puttering around the house. Eventually, start to go for little walks outside. Have your partner push the stroller. Short 10-20 minute walks are best to start. Progress to pushing the stroller and longer walks. Walks improve circulation to help with healing, strengthens your muscles (including the pelvic floor and abdominals), lowers blood pressure, improves your mental health (among other things.)
  5. Bowel Movements
    Bowel movements should look like number 4 on the Bristol stool chart. Placing a stool, such as a squatty potty, under your feet is recommended.

    ©Lynn Sweeney, Physiotherapist
    Bsc. Kin, MPT

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